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  • Social Media Management and Direct-to-fan Marketing

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*We only take on a few artist clients at a time to ensure they each get all the attention they need to reach their PR and Marketing goals.

If you are interested in any of our PR services, please email us at and include links to your music and social media.

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Public Relations for musicians is more than just getting a magazine or blog to share your song or review your album.  Today, publicity for artists is built on story telling. We help you identify and tell your story so that people want to listen to your music.

We utilize the relationships we have built over the years, the modern communication tools to which we have access, and our knowledge of the industry to share your story with the people most interested in helping you spread it to the right people who are most likely to become your next fans.

We help musicians get tour press, press for album and single releases, and press for special projects.

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Playlists are one of the fastest growing and most effective tools to get your music heard by a lot of people.

If you can get your music on a playilst that is a good fit for your music then you can expose your music to hundreds, thousands, or even higher numbers of people that you know have a good chance of loving your song. 

We will pitch your music to playlist curators with whom we have developed trusting relationships and can even add you to our own playlists.

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A good social media plan can be the difference between a succesful marketing or PR campaing and a failed one. Good social media management for musicians also takes a lot of work. If you're not sure what to post, when to post, or where to post, we can help you develop and implement a plan that works for you and your fans.

Musicians have a lot of questions about social media such as, should I be on Facebook, should I be on Instagram, should I be on Twitter, or should I be everywhere? The answer is; it depends. Every artist is different and so, every fan is different. We help you identify the best social platforms for you and your fans and coordinate your social presence with any active PR  or Marketing campaigns you have planned.

We can develop the plan for you to implement or completely manage your social media presence for you. 

If you are interested in learning what Direct-to-Fan Marketing is (hint: you should be), we can help you tie a direct-to-fan campaign in with all of your social platforms, website, and your streaming and download platforms.

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Need help with a logo, album artwork, or press images to effectively present yourself as a musical artist or your music? We can help.

The imagery you share on social platforms, on your music releases, and on your website all helps to reinforce the story you are telling in a PR or Marketing campaign.

We help you continue telling your story with visual elements that fit you as an artist.

We can even help create stunning websites that display your music in a way that maximizes the number of  visitors to your site that actually listen to your music, are intrigued, engaged, and eager to stay in touch with you to hear more.

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WatchMeExplode can work on behalf of management or record labels to oversee all aspects of album and single releases including production, distribution, marketing, and PR.

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WatchMeExplode Music Marketing and PR for Musicians

Based in the Cincinnati, OH area WatchMeExplode Marketing and PR helps music artists market their music, find more fans, and reach their career goals. Today the firm works with many partners and musicians primarily in the indie pop, indie rock, and indie folk genres.

Our goals are your goals.

We tell musician's stories.