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Bandcamp’s New Subscription Service

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If you’re an independent musician, you probably have an account on  You may have noticed they just released their new subscription service option.

They are giving musicians the ability to offer paid subscriptions to their fans.  Users can release exclusive content that is only available to subscription members such as live recordings, interviews, demos, etc, or make all of their music subscription based.

The music subscription would be distributed through the Bandcamp App so it is automatically sent to subscribers or they can download the content.

This is a really cool feature and I will definitely be experimenting with it.  It looks like it takes the hassle out of setting up your own subscription service on your band’s website, which I’ve looked into, and would require quite a bit of set up and maintenance.

Of course, Bandcamp will be taking a cut if you use their website for your subscription service; which is the same cut they take for digital downloads, 15%, but they’ve also added a processing fee for this service.

What do you think? Will you use this service?

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