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Need some new artists in your life? Here are a few we’ve been listening to that we think you’ll love!

Artist: Sure Sure
Song: Idiot

“Indie pop band from LA, Sure Sure just released their sharp and charismatic new single “Idiot.”

The track follows the band’s charming single “Lie Lie Lie,” which was featured as KCRW’s “Today’s Top Tune” and on Sirius XM Alt Nation’s Advanced Placement Show. Sure Sure was also just tapped to support Young the Giant on their national tour next year.”

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Song: Stuck On You

MICHELLE is not just another bedroom pop project. This eclectic collective, led by Julian Kaufman and Charlie Kilgore, with members Jamee Lockard, Layla Kuriloff, Isa Reyes, Sofia D’Angelo, Emma Lee, Rix Chan, and Aidan Ludlam, is refreshingly full of queer + POC teens, showcasing a new era of pop music…” “Heatwave’s catchy hooks and smooth production is undeniably infectious.”


Artist: Gabriella Rose
Song: Lost in Translation

We are including this song mostly due to the haunting vocals that manage to blend classic pop melodies with a modern indie arrangement and production technique to create a truly unique and special sound.

Gabriella Rose has one of the voices that sounds effortless, seeming to just fall out of her mouth as naturally as you or I speak. 

Definitely adding this one to our regular rotation!

More on this song from the artist’s bio:

“Lost in Translation” is a whimsical, reverb-laden ode inspired by the feature film of the same name, and sees the young talent grapple with her own relation to and apart from her peers. It both twinkles with youthful urgency and the trauma of coming of age. “The song is a wistful melody about how I wish I could reach people around me,” she says, framing imagery of the Greek myth Icarus as an impetus for the story’s revelations. “I see others sometimes like that: the ideal of what I would like to be. But then I see them fly too close to the sun and melt their wings, and it makes me sad. So, I don’t know if I want to be like them completely. It’s a dilemma.” 

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Artist: Reverend Horton Heat
Song: Hog Tyin’ Woman

“Reverend Horton Heat have released another barnstormer with the new single “Hog Tyin’ Woman,” from the collection Whole New Life, released worldwide November 30, 2018.”

Artist: Evergreen
Song: Waterton

“A little bit about the inspiration for the song: My dad grew up in Waterton, Alberta and most of his favourite stories and fondest memories can be traced back there. I grew up in Lethbridge and my family made frequent trips out to Waterton every summer and winter to hike, snowshoe and all the rest. I always found that Waterton had a humbling and uplifting feeling. I feel more connected to myself and to nature there than any other place. The song conveys that same feeling and message.”


Artist: The Florets
Song: Just Coast

“Marking the second release for The Florets “Just Coast” shows a more upbeat side to the Melbourne 5 piece, flowing with jangle & bop.”

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