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Fresh Music: Start by Letting Go by Westrin & Mowry

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Artist: Westrin & Mowry
Song: Start by Letting Go
Released: November 9, 2018

This modern indie-folk song begins with a hypnotic rhythm played on acoustic guitar. Percussive sounds quikcly surround the listener with subtle finger-snaps and a reverberating kick that sounds like the heel of a boot slamming against a hardwood floor in an empty auditorium. The vocals start about ten seconds in—in a raspy but somehow still smooth voice , he sings, “Pull yourself together, start by letting go,” displaying one of the best voices I’ve hear in a long time—clear, unique, and pleasant.

In this indie-folk song, Westrin & Mowry manage to take the best elements of folk and blend them seamlessly with contemporary indie and pop techniques.

You owe it to yourself to sit down and enjoy this one.

Check out “Start by Letting Go” by Westrin & Mowry below.

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