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Fresh Music: To Dance is to Love by Charlie Burg

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Artist: Charlie Burg
Song: To Dance is to Love
Released: November 1, 2018

On November 1st, Charlie Burg released “To Dance Is To Love”, a new song inspired by his Detroit-Motown roots.

Burg says, “I grew up listening to Motown cos my parents played it all the time,” says Charlie. “I kept going back and listening to this one track, ‘Too Late to Turn Back Now’ by Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose, and I heard the way the snare and kick are mixed at the beginning, just super punchy and pure and honest, no crashes or frills just a really solid consistent backbeat. And I went back to this bass and drum pattern I wrote in the spring and I was stuck on it for a while in terms of what direction to take it in, but once I heard those drum sounds I’m like this is it, this is what the song needs for the energy I’m looking for. Then I decided to really lean into the Motown influence, and I asked my friend to track violin for it to give it that really nostalgic feel.”

While it’s rare to hear a Motown inspired song here on WatchMeExplode, I do my best to recognize when I would be doing readers and listeners a disservice by choosing not to share something simply because of the genre it falls into or the influences that helped the song come together.

After all, a good song is a good song, right?

This song by Burg is a great indie pop song if I’ve ever heard one. The soulful influences are deep, the drums sound awesome, the vocals are perfect, and if by the end of the song you haven’t stood up and started dancing yourself, I’d be willing to bet you’ve at least got a toe tapping, or you may be dead.

Check out “To Dance is to Love” by Charlie Burg below.

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