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Just Released: Bath by TOLEDO

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Artist: TOLEDO
Song: Bath
Released: November 9, 2018

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TOLEDO released their latest single, “Bath”, today. It’s off their upcoming debut EP, HotStuff which is set for release in February 2019.

“Bath” is a dreamy indie pop song with swirling reverb-soaked guitars and vocals, and classic drum sounds. The song is set on a backdrop of what sounds like a combination of wooden blocks and 16bit  video game drum sounds, which open and close the song. But it is between that simple intro and outro where the dreaminess occurs. A clean electric guitar comes in right away with catchy guitar riffs but fades away soon after to make room for the acoustic to shine during the verses as the subdued but still emotional vocals come in.

Its a chill indie pop song with great vocals, a good beat, and beautiful guitar work.

Check out “Bath” by TOLEDO below or on our Quirky Indie Spotify Playlist

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