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Just Released: Daisies by Frith

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Artist: Frith
Song: Daisies
Released: October 12, 2018

This indie pop song by Travis Frith Warner, better known as Frith, is fun right out of the gates. It may sound whimsical at first with the twinkling piano riffs and bouncing rhythm section, but those elements simply set a nuanced stage for Frith’s deep and well-crafted (and well-sung) lyrics. The strings, synths, and guitar round out the remainder of this perfectly arranged journey through Frith’s latest single, “Daisies”.

Frith says, “This is my “do or die trying” song. I really want to uplift the world and change people’s outlook on life, but sometimes I get so frustrated with my own lack of results”.

Check it out below.

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