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Just Released: Until I Found You by Fascinations Grand Chorus

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Artist: Fascinations Grand Chorus
Song: Until I Found You
Released: October 24, 2018

New Jersey “indie-pop rival duo” Fascinations Grand Chorus just released their newest single, “Until I Found You”, on Wednesday. This dreamy song will make you listen twice for two reasons—first, it’s catchy as hell. Second, you won’t be quite sure on the first listen if it is a new dream-pop song with classic influences or a genuine under-the-radar hit from decades past.

Parts of the song actually reminded me of the Foo Fighters’ hit “Big Me”, with clear 50s and 60s rock and roll influences (but dreamier and with female vocals), but overall it’s a super quirky pop song with strong hooks that is just fun to listen to.

The lyrics complete the aesthetic and give off those classic feel-good love-song vibes with lines like “…maybe it was that everything felt wrong until I found you.”

Check out “Until I Found You” below and be sure to check out the duo’s three already released EPs and be on the lookout for their full-length debut album due out next year.

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Listen to this song on our Quirky Indie Spotify Playlist

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