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Just Released: Words by Sun Brother

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Artist: Sun Brother
Song: Words
Album: Meta Fascination
Released: October 19th, 2018

Nashville, TN based Sun Brother just released their debut album, Meta Fascination, on October 19th, which included this song, “Words”.

This moody indie folk track features a smooth male lead vocal with perfect harmonic support from the female-sung backing vocal. Twinkling piano sweeps and finger-picked guitar add more emotion to the already passionate song.

Sometimes the simpler arrangements are the most powerful. This Sun Brother tune manages to convey its strength and deliver the message without cluttering the track with unnecessary elements. It’s a song about trying to articulate your feelings into words, and sometimes the best way to do that is to speak plainly and get to the point. “Words” gets right to the point when you feel the frustration of the subject in the chorus that says, “Words don’t seem to adhere to feelings I need them to make clear.”

Communicating our emotions with one another can be difficult but Sun Brother does it perfectly in this song.

Check it out below.

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