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Just Released: Meet Me in the Morning by COTE

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When I wake up in the morning I want to feel how I feel when I hear this new single by COTE. “Meet Me in the Morning”, COTE’s beautifully sung indie rock song, and most recent single from her forthcoming album, has a quiet controlled energy that truly is reminiscent of that feeling you get when you wake up refreshed and full of energy ready to cheerfully take on the day with grace, vigor, and gusto.

I remember that feeling. It was the feeling of being rested, rejuvenated and energetic. It was a feeling that had greeted me each morning, that is before two adorable toddlers invaded my house. That feeling that has forsaken me on a sleepless island—but I digress.

“COTE, the project of Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Taryn Randall, descends from a timeless, song-driven rock tradition. Sparked by unsparing ruminations on heartbreak and accountability, Randall’s keenly observed songs map the peaks and valleys, twists and dead-ends that mark any trip worth taking – be it physical, emotional, spiritual, or somewhere in between.”

Listen to “Meet Me in the Morning” below or check COTE out on Spotify

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