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Moving Forward: More Music and a Rebrand At

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Since 2015, when I started, we have shared new music, reviewed indie artists, and reported on the industry as a whole, but primarily we focused on online marketing strategies for independent artists.

Today, we are officially narrowing our focus and rebranding WatchMeExplode. Moving forward, our focus will primarily be to help independent artists reach a wider audience by sharing our own audience with them. We will focus more on premiering new music, profiling amazing artists, and sharing the great music that we discover.

We are fortunate to have a loyal network of thousands of music lovers across social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and on our email list. We are excited to bring this new focus on the music itself (rather than the marketing of music) to our readers.

While we are fans of many music genres, we will keep the focus narrowed to Indie Rock, Indie Pop, and Alternative in an effort to continue growing an audience that can rely on us to help them discover the kind of music they love.

Know a great indie pop, indie rock, or alternative artist we should check out?

Send them here:

(Some of the courses and strategy guides we have built for indie artists over the year will still be accessible from the site).

-Chris at

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