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Music Discovery: The Lovely Eggs are Lovely

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If there were a form you had to fill out to prove your band had achieved alternative musical awesomeness, The Lovely Eggs would be able to check most of the boxes:

  • Are you prolific?—check
  • Are you a Husband-wife duo?—check
  • Are you or your lyrics outspoken?—check
  • Do your songs rock?-Check
  • Have you had an album produced by Dave Fridman(The Flaming Lips, MGMT, Tame Impala)—check!

Their 2018 release, This is Eggland, is wonderful, and frankly, the album cover, a brightly colored psychedelic scene involving what looks like a skinless monster-dog eating a severed foot, already says more about the music than I ever could.

Its flamboyant, gritty, dynamic, and a little out there, but The Lovely Eggs used those layers intelligently and cohesively to make a bunch of songs that are just fun to listen to—which is really all that matters, right?

Check out Wiggy Giggy below to get the vibe.

The Lovely Eggs official website:

Album artwork by Casey Raymond

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