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Music Discovery: Vansire is Significantly Above Average

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I’m far from the first to discover this band, but they kept popping up on my radar and each time I listened I enjoyed them more, so I couldn’t not write about them. The band is Vansire, a dream pop band from Minnesota, and they just released their second album, Angel Youth, earlier this year.

Two songs that stand out for me are Halcyon Age and Nice to See You, the latter of which features singer Felicia Sekundiak (AKA Floor Cry)—a match made in heaven.

(Worth noting that there are several great collaborations on Angel Youth)

In addition to dream pop, their music definitely fits into one of the various “Chill” genres that seem to be ubiquitous these days, but unlike many of the chill songs I hear, Vansire manages to blend their influences seamlessly with the help of an oft-forgotten layer – good songwriting.

(No disrespect to chill genre artists, in general,— there are many good ones!)

Additionally, vocalist Josh Augustin (who also plays synths and drums) has a voice that just fits this kind of music. The hip-hop beats, lo-fi production, tight bass grooves, vintage synth sounds, and, of course, reverb lay the perfect ground for his voice to walk on.

Vansire is straight-up good music. They’re also pretty funny on Instagram.

Check them out below or CLICK HERE to listen on our Official WatchMeExplode Spotify Playlist

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