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Song of the Day: Ain’t No Bottom Here by Ice Palace

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Artist: Ice Palace
Song: Ain’t No Bottom Here
Album: How I Came to Win the War

Sometimes its fun to imagine you live a life with no concerns, no stressors, and no responsibilities, That’s the feeling I first felt listening to this indie folk song “Ain’t No Bottom Here” by Ice Palace. Perhaps that truly is the message that singer and songwriter Adam Sorenson intended, but after paying closer attention to the lyrics the message may be deeper than that.

In the chorus, he says,

“There ain’t no bottom here so let’s go

there ain’t no higher place you’ll go.”

I interpret these lyrics and the theme of the song as one of two things:

Either, the subject of the song has already reached the pinnacle of what they set out to achieve so they might as well try something new, which is what the singer is suggesting to the subject, or they have come to grips with the fact that they will never reach what they set out to achieve—so again, they should just focus on enjoying and exploring whatever is already around them below that level of success that may be unreachable.

To me, it’s a song about acceptance.

There “ain’t no bottom here”— there are no constraints anymore — so let’s explore.

While there are probably other interpretations, these both fit with the initial feelings the song gave me. When you accept you’ve reached success, the pressure of trying to achieve can be released, and when you accept that you may never climb any higher, you are free to enjoy what you have. Either way, I like the message.

Check the song out below and share your interpretation with me in the comments.

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