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Song of the Day: Closer to You by Amo Amo

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Artist: Amo Amo
Song: Closer to you
Released: 2018

“Amo Amo’s music radiates an inner light. Their glow caught the ears of Jim James (My Morning Jacket) who fell in love with their sound and produced their debut album. “Closer to You” is one of the first singles from the forthcoming album; it has already racked up over 400,000 streams on Spotify and has been on steady rotation on LA’s tastemaker radio station KCRW. Simply put, Amo Amo’s dreamy, psychedelic indie pop sound is vibrant and irresistible.”

We picked Amo Amo’s first single as the WatchMeExplode song of the day because, frankly, its one of those songs that has a joyful and irresistible quality to it. Fitting for drinks on the beach, or a drive through the country, some songs transcend genre and boldly take their place in our lives representing emotions that sometimes, we can’t begin to describe.

Check out “Closer to you” by Amo Amo below.

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