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Song of the Day: Everything is Beautiful by Vender and the Cobras

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Artist: Vender and the Cobras
Song: Everything is Beautiful
Released: October 8, 2018

Sometimes it’s the understated songs that hit the hardest. We can all benefit from taking a moment every now and then (if not more frequently) to just notice the beauty in the world. There’s a lot of it. And sure, there are terrible things in the world too, and we live in complicated and divisive times, but when you look at the fundamental elements and the connections that make everything in the world possible, it all really is beautiful.

This indie folk tune by Vender and the Cobras, the solo moniker of Chicago musician Matt Beard keeps it simple in terms of the arrangement, but strikes hard with lyrical imagery and soothing melodies that hit your face like an ocean breeze that makes you close your eyes, lift your chin and smile while you think of the people you love and the places you’ve been on your short and amazing journey through life.

Check out “Everything is Beautiful” by Vender and the Cobras below.

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