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Song of the Day: Ghost Song by Ocean Music

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Artist: Ocean Music
Song: Ghost Song
Released: October 30, 2018

“In this scary time, may music be one of the positive forces that brings humanity back together. ”

-Ocean Music

WatchMeExplode is excited to share the latest single from Ocean Music, “Ghost Song”, as our song of the day.

This psychedelic atmospheric pop song will carry you through different sonic landscapes so seamlessly, you’ll wonder if you were actually having an out-of-body experience. One second your in the midst of a chorus of sound, cavernous echoes and twinkling guitar plucks, the next the sound seems to just empty out from around you leaving you alone with just vocals and drums. It’s eery and beautiful all at the same time.

Similarly, the vocals go back and forth between different palettes of smooth harmonies and a soft solo lead vocal.

The song is a trip, literally. It’s like riding a train through a fantasy world watching out the window as you traverse colorful mountain ranges, dip underwater, and occasionally leave the tracks altogether as the train drifts through space.

Check out “Ghost Song” by Ocean Music below and on our Quirky Indie Spotify Playlist.

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