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Song of the Day: Halcyon Age by Vansire

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Artist: Vansire
Song: Halcyon Age
Released: 2018

In celebration of launching the PR and Marketing wing of WatchMeExplode, we are sharing cool things other musicians are doing to get their music heard.

Collaboration is one of the most effective ways an artist can find new fans because you are essentially merging your audience with your collaborator’s audience.

With modern technology, collaborations today can come in many different forms, but one tried-and-true form is the compilation album.

We are excited to share the new compilation vinyl club from our friends at and, whose first volume features Vansire, the artist from our Song of the Day!

“Vinyl Post is a new record club from featuring up and coming artists on compilation vinyl records every month. Starting out at just $12.99/mo plus shipping. (Half the price of other vinyl subscription services!)

Volume one is already in production and we’re really excited about the artists featured on this one: Vansire, VACATIONS, Foliage, Paul Cherry, MUNYA, Ginger Root, Soft Eyez, Mons Vi, Strawberry Guy, FLOOR CRY, Cody Ash & Goth Babe.”

More info here:



Check out “Halcyon Age” by Vansire below:

Connect with Vansire:

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