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Song of the Day: See You Again by Unknown Caller

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Artist: Unknown Caller
Song: See You Again
Released: November 28, 2018

Our song of the day is “See You Again”, the latest single from Brooklyn-based songwriter/producer Unknown Caller.

This indie pop song combines danceable beats, vintage rock guitar tones, dreamy atmospheric accents, and oozy-smooth vocals to create a fun modern pop song with retro vibes.

It’s a song about chance relationships and how we internalize the meaning and significance of those relationships.

Or, as the artist himself puts it, “‘See You Again’ is about people and places that appear in your life – perhaps briefly, perhaps enduring – and impact your worldview in a way you don’t always realize in the moment. There’s something refreshing about the spontaneity of certain interactions, especially during a period where every connection is trackable. The meaning also parallels never being able to see a person again because of change, but there’s a certain beauty in remembering them as they once were.”

Check out “See You Again” by Unknown Caller below.

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