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Song of the Day: Unspectaculator by Lac Belot

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Artist: Lac Belot
Song: Unspectaculator
Released: September 28, 2018

The WatchMeExplode song of the day, “Unspectaculator”, is from Finnish artist Lac Belot’s debut album Abracadabra.

This other-worldly and atmospheric indie pop song will transport the listener to another dimension. Belot’s vocals, though holding a bold and striking presence, also manage to sound soothing amongst the chorus of reverb-soaked percussion, strings, and guitar.

Whether you want to call it baroque pop, indie folk, psychedelic pop, or something else, it’s a good song from a talented artist.

Check out “Unspectaculator” by Lac Belot below.

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Music credits:

Written by Jarno Takkumaki

Mastering: Magnus Lindberg Productions

Album artwork: Jarno Takkumäki

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