Video Premiere: Parting Gifts (Goodbye Sweet Lover) by The American Buffalo

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Artist: The American Buffalo
Song: Parting Gifts (Goodbye Sweet Lover)
Directed by: Elizabeth Rakhilkina

We are excited to premiere The American Buffalo’s video for their latest single, Parting Gifts (Goodbye Sweet Lover), which we reviewed here on WatchMeExplode earlier this week:

“With a long crescendo that spans the length of the song, the tension and excitement build into an amazing array of passionately sung lyrics, vibrant horns, and honky-tonk piano to create one of the most creative indie folk songs I’ve heard this year.” -Chris, WatchMeExplode

The American Buffalo is the music and art project led by Dayton, OH-based Josh Edward. They released their first single in 2017 and will be releasing the debut full-length album, Reflections in 2019.

Josh had this to say about their new video, “…the video was made in part as a sort of goodbye to New York, as well as a goodbye to a past relationship. As you can see, the narrative is me trying to get up and get the hell out my Brooklyn apartment, but all along the way, I’m haunted by the specter of this woman/idea trying to prevent me from leaving. But, as the camera work suggests, perhaps the one being set free isn’t just me? Perhaps the woman/idea is happy to be rid of me so that she/it too can be relieved of the burden of devotion. Maybe this irritable, stubborn white guy is the real problem here…”

Connect with The American Buffalo:

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